Dr Masahiro Takakura, the founder, has wanted to create a safe and reliable environment for both patients and medical practitioners. The MIC medical building becomes a place that can hopefully provide not only a safe and reliable environment, but also connection and vibration to our mind, body, and heart though medicine.

Masahiro Takakura ND, LAC, DC, PhD

Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Chiropractor


Even though I never had a chance to work with my hero, Dr John Bastyr, I always think about what he said to his students and colleagues: To always study and to always touch the patient. I do not think I have an issue with studying. But I am unsure if he meant to touch the patient physically for a treatment or touch the patient's heart and soul. Medicine is a long journey for me. I hope someday I will be wiser and know more about it.

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